Seven tips to increase your productivity

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic shares his ideas for getting more out of your day


Seven tips to increase your productivity

We’re all guilty of poor time management every so often, and with it being estimated that we would need a 27-hour day* to complete all of our tasks, it’s hardly surprising that improving productivity is something many of us aspire to. Human behaviour expert Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic has compiled a list of surprising tips to help people in the UK to get the most out of their day:

  • Listen to 90 seconds of loud rock music at 11.30 am. When the mid-morning slump hits, a short, sharp burst of external stimulation can be a great way to keep going until lunchtime. Similarly, eating a piece of fruit at 3pm can help to combat the afternoon slump with a healthy sugar top-up.
  • Sleep on the wrong side of the bed. Breaking with a regular routine gives a fresh perspective on problems.
  • Have a five-minute Facebook break. Spending five minutes of every hour on social media sites provides an entertaining break, allowing us to return to tasks refreshed and focused.
  • Mix up your colours and fonts. Even small changes such as writing in a different colour to usual can help you to break free from your routine. However, avoid the colour red – it has been linked with higher stress and anxiety levels.
  • Start your New Year’s resolutions in July. With the dark evenings, cold weather, and end of the Christmas festivities, January is a challenging enough time for our willpower. By starting resolutions in a sunnier month, we use less energy battling the winter blues, so are more likely to be successful in making bigger life changes.
  • Re-read your favourite childhood book. It will fire up your imagination – perfect for when there’s a creative project that needs some work.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic was hired by insurance company Direct Line ( to advise UK workers on how to use their time more productively. * Opinium Research   

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