How to be happy at work

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How to be happy at work

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We’ve been running the Life Leap Club – a VIP club free to all subscribers offering complimentary coaching, podcasts, workbooks and featuring interviews with some of the best self-development experts in the world – for some time now and I’m privileged to be part of such a compassionate, encouraging and inspirational community. It started with 47 ambassadors – so a huge thank you to you all for leading from the front, welcoming newcomers so warmly and creating such a brilliant tribe. 

Learn, grow, thrive and share wisdom 

For our Life Leap Club, we have put together outstanding downloadable courses with exclusive videos and podcasts and masterclasses on subjects ranging from ‘The judgement detox’ to ‘The ultimate declutter’, ‘Finding your purpose’ and ‘Stop feeling overwhelmed now’. There are also inspiring resources, such as monthly affirmations and the life-coaching wheel, to foster self-awareness and balance.

As we develop, we’re working more intensively with our stable of Barefoot coaches, who lead intimate coaching programmes within our membership group and with a focused approach to our Dossier. This issue, we’re working with our ‘coach of the month’, Anna Rasmussen, who has created the course ‘How to be happy at work’. If you have a full-time job, you spend around 90,000 hours at work in your lifetime. But how many people can say they are truly happy in their jobs? Who looks forward to the working week? Is it even possible? Do you feel stuck in an unfulfi lling role? In this special programme, Rasmussen delivers a four-week transformational course to help you discover what your relationship with work is actually like, any sticking points that are preventing you from being happy, how to turn them around, and how to know if and when you should make the move to a new job or career. All you have to do to take this course, access all our programmes, masterclasses, broadcasts and our nurturing community is subscribe to Psychologies – and we have a cracking offer this month.

A compassionate tribe 

Digital communities are wonderful, but research shows that people are happier when they are with other people. With all the division in the world, we encourage you to create safe, respectful and kind spaces where you can support each other. We want to evolve our Life Leap Club concept and we’re asking you to start your own face-to-face Life Leap Clubs. Our goal is to help form a happier society by providing a place for us to connect once a month and talk about how we can thrive in the world. It’s about listening, caring, making friends and having a laugh!

How will it work? Every month, invite friends, family or people you would like to get to know to your Life Leap Club gathering to discuss our Dossier topic, course of the month and relevant coaching questions. Then, promise yourself that you will endeavour to make small changes to bring happiness to you and others. Maybe you want to pair up with one close buddy or run your club like a book group that moves around members’ houses. Perhaps you want to meet new people in a cafe for a coffee on a Saturday morning – it’s up to you! The magazine comes out 13 times a year, so schedule your Life Leap Club meetings accordingly. To get started, subscribe to Psychologies, read our Dossier, download the workbooks and resources, and begin to make the tweaks to take your life in the direction that you want. Commit to your group, get and give support and change your life. Your tribe is waiting for you!

Meet our coach of the month

Anna Rasmussen is an executive leadership coach. She is a founder of the game-changing software company Open Blend. Rasmussen says she saw a theme surrounding the reasons her clients couldn’t reach their full potential – the ‘outdated notion of work-life balance’. As a coach, her job is to shift mindsets, so she created the work-life blend tool. The impact of identifying the eight areas of work and life that need to be fulfi lled for people to reach their potential was profound. By transferring her tool into software, Open Blend has become the only people-centred performance tool underpinned by coaching frameworks. It has made a significant impact in leading organisations, such as Lacoste, MediaCom, M&C Saatchi and the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Job assessment

Start with an honest review

Each issue, we’ll give you a series of questions to discuss with your Life Leap Club. Pose the question and listen to the answers, without interrupting. Subscribe to Psychologies now to take our transformational course ‘How to be happy at work’.

1. When was the last time you felt happy at work and why? What do you love doing? What are your strengths? Do you like to work alone or in a team? What fi ve things can you do this month to build on your happy foundations?

2. When was the last time you felt unhappy at work and why? What activities drain you? Who or what is your biggest challenge? How can you overcome that challenge? What five things can you do differently this month to create change?

3. How can you increase your positivity? What do you need and want? Flexibility? Autonomy? More money? Variety? Support? Inspiration? What three baby steps can you take this month to get more of what you want and need at work?

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