Turn your knowledge into a money-spinner

Helpful hints for turning your know-how into something that generates you income


Turn your knowledge into a money-spinner

1. Try to think laterally 

There are multiple ways to generate income from your expertise. Consider running classes at a college, online courses, webinars, consultancy or creating products to sell. You could earn money as a speaker at events or from self-publishing e-books, or get your brand or product licensed by a bigger company.

2. Don’t rush to quit your job 

You could ask your boss to send you for training in the area that interests you and expand your current role; you could develop skills and interests by getting involved in volunteer projects; or ask to be moved to a different department of your firm.

3. Ride two horses 

There will come a time when your business is taking off, but isn’t lucrative enough to be full-time. Delay leaving your job while you build up enough customers to make your business pay. Wait until you have more work than you can handle in your spare time.

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