I dislike my career but feel trapped

Agony aunt Mary Fenwick has words of advice on a common problem


I dislike my career but feel trapped

A couple of years ago, I decided to try to change career and become a landscape designer. Unfortunately it all went wrong – the recession kicked in and I just couldn’t find any work. As a result, I had to move back in with my parents, and I found some part-time work in administration. Three years later, I am still working in an administration role, and I now seem to be categorised by recruiters as a short-term administrative assistant – it seems that my other experience doesn’t count at all. But the truth is, I actually dislike this administration work intensely, though I seem to have found an accidental career in it. And after my previous efforts to change course, I can’t see how to escape the situation. Lucy

If we throw the ingredients of your letter up into the air, they might come down like this – here is a hard worker who is prepared to balance her vision with practical considerations. A dedicated person who works regular hours and is able to pay attention to administrative detail. A reliable employee with a good track record of adapting to change.

So, imagine a notice at your local garden centre where that person offers free landscape design at the weekends in exchange for before-and-after photos, plus the cost of any materials, for example.

Never mind the recruiters, I’m looking for someone like you…

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