How to succeed and be content

International bestselling author, Buddhist monk and teacher Haemin Sunim shares his observations on living a fulfilling life


How to succeed and be content

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1. Do not beg for the attention of other people. As you discover and develop your unique strengths and talents, people will automatically pay you attention. 

2. If we see a person who is passionate about their work, we natuarally feel drawn to them. We can’t take our eyes off them. Passion is contagious. 

3. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, only of not learning from them.

4. If life was free of adversity, we wouldn’t have opportunities to grow. It’s in struggling to solve life’s challenges that talent in honed and endurance built. 

5. The more we mature, the more we see how others have contributed to our successes. When we express our gratitude for that, the next success will follow.

6. When you finally achieve something you’ve wanted for a long time, it seems like you’ll be happy forever, but waves of despondency flood in, and success gives way to a backlash you never anticipated. Instead of postponing happiness until you have achieved your goal, live a little and enjoy the moment. 

7. The opposite of greed is not abstinence but knowing how to be content.

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