How to overcome your fears in business

Bestselling author and entrepreneur, Sháá Wasmund MBE, coaches us over the hurdles that may be preventing us from setting up our own businesses


How to overcome your fears in business

Starting anything new can be daunting. We’re never really sure how it’s going to work or even if it’s going to work. Starting a new business is the same: will I get clients; will I make enough money; how will I juggle everything?

These fears are relevant, but those new to setting up a business can lose faith by magnifying them out of all proportion. I know because I’ve been there. At first, I worried about every little thing that could go wrong and, inevitably, they did go wrong – but not to the extent that I thought they would.

Expect to make mistakes

It’s all too easy to give up at the first hurdle but, if you see these challenges as business lessons instead of failures, they are easier to deal with. Will you make mistakes? Sure. Will you lose clients. Most likely. Will you sell as much as you hope to? Probably not, at least not in your first year. Can you make it? Absolutely. I have made many mistakes over the years, but I have learned from every one of them.

A wise man once said to me: ‘Isn’t it better to learn this lesson now and lose £1,000, instead of later and lose £10,000?’ If you go into business expecting to make a few wrong moves, it will be easier to handle them. Often, what you think is a ‘wrong’ move simply takes you down a different path – and it may be a better one.

The most important thing you can do when starting a business is to make sure that you have support. Don’t worry if you’re thinking: ‘But my friends and family don’t understand what I’m doing.’ That’s normal.

The good news is there are lots of resources out there to help you – I set up a free Facebook group, The Freedom Collective, to support entrepreneurs on their journey. It has over 5,000 members, helping each other; sharing experiences and successes. If you want face-to-face contact, see for local business gatherings. Also, visit coffee shops and libraries to find information about small business groups operating in your area.

We’re in it together

Once you realise that you are not alone, everything is easier. There is always someone who has been there before and can tell you how they got out of the situation. It’s scary at first, but it’s the same for everyone. Don’t give up before you break through. The key is to stack the odds in your favour. Do market research; start small; keep costs down by working from home. Join groups and reach out for help. Be inspired by listening to other new business owners sharing their wins – if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you.

Don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams. Turn your fears into a positive energy to drive you, and your business, forward.

Sháá Wasmund is author of Stop Talking, Start Doing (John Wiley & Sons, £9.99) and Do Less, Get More (Penguin, £12.99). Join Sháá’s private Facebook group at

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