How to find a job you love

Emma Rosen, author of The Radical Sabbatical, outlines ways to rethink your career and figure out what’s right for you. Here's to finding a job you love!


How to find a job you love

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‘Hate your job? You are not alone. Seventy-two per cent of millennials want to change career completely,’ says Emma Rosen, who wrote a book about quitting her job and spending a year trying 25 different careers before her 25th birthday.

Here are four things to look at before you resign:

1. Reflect

What is it that you dislike about your job? Think about both the actual work and your office environment, as well as your colleagues – 44 per cent of people leave their jobs because of a bad boss, reveals Rosen.

2. Ponder

If you could try out any career, what would you choose? What do you enjoy doing at work? Leading a team? Freedom to work independently? Words- or numbers-based roles?

3. Be clear about what you want

Responsibility? Recognition? Something new? Do you want to make a difference? What kind of work environment do you want? A small or big firm? Your own business? Travel? Working from home?

4. Explore all options

Can you work from home one day a week? Could you take a sabbatical? Consider a portfolio career – what might that look like? 

The Radical Sabbatical: The Millennial Handbook To The Quarter Life Crisis’ by Emma Rosen (John Catt Educational, £12) is out now

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