How to achieve the right emotional balance at work

Try these tips to help you strike it right in the workplace


How to achieve the right emotional balance at work

1. Don’t fall into the trap of playing either the Ice Queen or the Earth Mother at work. The first is better than the second, but it’s better to be neither. Efficient and professional is best.

2. Never cry at work. It will make you look weak.

3. If you don’t feel confident, force yourself to do whatever it is you find hard. You will find it is easier than you fear.

4. Work with someone who is your emotional opposite. So if you are tough, try to work with someone who can be sympathetic. If you are soft, then see if you can work with someone tough. Make them tell you every time you are being too emotional.

5. If you have to do something tough (such as fire someone, or give negative feedback), learn the script. Don’t procrastinate. All tough news is better given promptly.

6. If you really find it impossible to tell someone bad news, delegate it. This isn’t morally courageous, but it is a survival trick used by many top bosses.

7. Don’t spend time trying to analyse yourself better or understand your behaviour. Think of what you are good at and do it. Don’t criticise yourself too much.

8. Understand what effect you have on your team. If you’re not good at reading this, find someone who is and who will tell you.

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