Have your say: Vote for your Rich in Spirit winner

Tell us who you think is most ‘Rich in Spirit’ and make your vote count!


Have your say: Vote for your Rich in Spirit winner

Money makes the world go round, so they say. However, at Psychologies, we value happiness, fulfillment, passion and joie de vivre over material riches. Next month, we bring you our Rich In Spirit issue, celebrating spiritual wealth over money in the bank, and tell you how to get more of it, now. We’ll also be celebrating the most spiritually rich people in the public eye, from philanthropist actors to charity founders and more.

But today, we’re looking for your nomination for the person you believe is most ‘Rich in Spirit’. It’s not just someone you admire or who has done a good deed – they’ll have a zest for life; they’ll go the extra mile and have a great time doing it. They’ll be selfless, add value to the world and the lives of others around them. They’ll have passion, energy, creativity, originality; they might view and approach life differently. They are a force for good in the world.

Who springs to mind? Tell us now by voting on the form below and we’ll reveal your ‘Rich in Spirit’ winner in the upcoming December issue…

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