Are you part of the shareconomy?

Do you participate in the shareconomy?


Are you part of the shareconomy?

Those new expensive boots can easily be justified (we tell ourselves) by calculating their cost per wear, but when it comes to holiday homes or designer gowns, the expense may not seem worth it.

Perhaps that’s why more of us are participating in the growing shareconomy.

According to a recent survey by Zipcar*, we are considering factors such as cost per use, depreciation in value and the maintenance costs of products before deciding whether to buy them or use a shared scheme.

And it’s more popular within the younger generations; twice as many under 55s are choosing to hire products such as cars, designer clothes and DIY tools than those over 55, and give them back after the big day.

*Survey of 2,088 adults by ZipCar 'Pay As You Live: The Business of Sharing in the UK', September 2012

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