What is Earth Hour? (And why do I need to pay attention?)

Get switched on to why you need to switch off on 28 March…


What is Earth Hour? (And why do I need to pay attention?)

Earth Hour began in 2007, in Sydney Australia, as a lights-out event that got thousands of people thinking about the global impact of climate change. The message, and the cause, soon spread and last year more than 160 countries took part on Earth Hour, with lights being turned off at the same time all over the globe – FYI it’s lights out from 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time) on Saturday 28 March.

Watch the official video here:

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Energy conservation aside (just think of the electricity dip when major cities in over 160 countries switch off for a full hour!), many green organisations use Earth Hour as a solid platform upon which to raise awareness of their climate and environmental issues too. With enormous social media pick-up, this is the most successful green ‘stunt’ in history – but with real purpose, and conscience.

Earth Hour Blue is the crowd-funding arm of Earth Hour, and has raised huge amounts that have gone to protecting marine environments, creating a logging moratorium in Paraguay to protect against deforestation, and education programs across Thailand and Taiwan.

It all starts with the flick of a switch – so set that alarm clock!

You can start by downloading the Eart Hour starter kit here

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