Transform your mind on retreat

Psychologies Retreat Editor Caroline Sylger Jones, the founder of Queen of Retreats, explores the joy of changing your mind


Transform your mind on retreat

One of the many beauties of going on retreat is the space it gives us to reconsider our position and redirect our lives. How many times have you felt liberated when you decided to do exactly the opposite of what you thought you were going to do? Changing our minds is about embracing our human need for freedom – and although it can be frightening at times, it’s also vital if we’re to stay connected to our dreams and engaged with life.

On an immersive retreat, we can find ourselves naturally having second thoughts about simple matters, or we can work hard to make bigger turnarounds with our homes, careers, relationships or finances. Holistic and creative coaching retreats, such as Advivum Journeys’ Radical Sabbatical in Kent or Being at the Cottage in Wales, give us support and guidance to make tiny tweaks – or reinvent our lives entirely. Changing our minds is not just about making different decisions. Techniques used on these retreats help us to tap into our subconscious minds and find the answers deep within – literally ‘changing our minds’ by rewiring the habitual, often unhelpful, ways we think.

Mind-modifying practices

Retreats that focus on the art of attention in the form of meditation and mindfulness are also mind-changing, such as those run on the beautiful Sharpham Estate in Devon, or the Value Your Mind retreats run in Dorset and France by mindfulness coach Nathalie Kealy. They help us let go of stress and take control of our monkey minds, rather than allowing ourselves to be led on a self-harming path.

Once you’ve found a technique that works for you, you can bring it back into your daily life and use it to change your mind again and again.

Pick one of these inspired retreats to change your mindset and your life

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