Take better photos

Wish you were more skilled when it comes to the camera? Here are some tips from an expert


Take better photos

Autumn colours, fun days out, coastal walks, interesting architecture – do you wish your photos did them justice the way you remember them?

Paul Reiffer, a photographer renowned for his city and landscape photography, shares his tips on taking better snaps:

  • Get out of ‘auto’. Try the ‘aperture’ mode to leave the background out of focus – a great way of targeting what you want the viewer to concentrate on.
  • Don’t be afraid of the dark. Use apps such as Slow Shutter! on a smartphone, or the long-exposure mode of your camera, to capture the buzz and energy of the evening.
  • Get involved in the action. Find that interesting angle by getting down low and shooting up, or getting closer to the scene.
  • Capture yourself creatively. Try a reflection in sunglasses, windows with you and the location in, or car mirrors on a highway for more unusual ‘selfies’.
  • Snap the smaller details of your trip. These help to tell the story when you’re looking back at your time somewhere – they make for interesting memories.

To see more of Paul’s work, visit paulreiffer.com

Photograph: Pauk Reiffer

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