Say hello to Slow travel

Inntravel’s holidays are the perfect escape from the hectic and unpredictable world we live in


Say hello to Slow travel

These are Slow Holidays – on which you see and discover more. This isn’t flopping out for a fortnight by a pool. It’s spontaneous, exciting and all about discovery. Slow is your own adventure: no schedules and tour groups, but carefully crafted holidays that allow you to go as you please. Explore places you’ve never been and enjoy more enriching, fulfilling experiences along the way.

Take a week-long stroll along the Catalan Coast, lingering over delicious seafood lunches en route. Explore the hazelnut groves, hill-top castles and vine-carpeted hills of Piedmont in northern Italy, the home of Slow Food. Or pedal the lanes and byways of the Dordogne Valley, where caves, châteaux and ravishing scenery – as well as tasty French cuisine – are yours to enjoy.

You could also opt for one of Inntravel’s SlowMotion journeys: self-guided adventures by train, boat or car that allow you to travel at your own pace, and leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and re-energised as a result.

Wherever you choose, take time to unwind… and breathe. It’s your treat, after all. Soak up your surroundings, allow yourself to see things differently, and enjoy every single moment.

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