Retreats to help you declutter

As spring approaches, it’s time to declutter. Retreating is, essentially, a decluttering process for mind, body, spirit and life, says Retreat Editor Caroline Sylger Jones


Retreats to help you declutter

Going on a retreat is the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you, so you can make room for the new. It’s a time to clear your body of toxins, so you can build it back up in a cleverer way and make it strong again. It’s a time to sift through your thoughts and dreams and understand, with calm attention, that you are not them – that these things come and go – and that, instead, you are a grounded witness, a calm core able to live your life to your highest potential.

Retreating can also be a time to delve deep and rediscover your spirit, to give it a good shake and an airing, then bring it closer to the surface, so you can be more aligned with it. Others will see it too, from the moment they see your sparkling eyes and the newly cleansed self that you’ve reclaimed.

The best wellbeing retreats will attend to all your needs – physical, emotional and mental – but they will always have a clear focus, so choose one that suits you with care. A fitness-focused holiday or detox week will help declutter the body, a life-coaching retreat will help declutter your life, a spiritual yoga or meditation retreat will help attend to your spirit, whatever ‘spirit’ means to you at this point. Whatever you need, decluttering of any kind is part of creating a calming, comfortable environment in which you can function well and feel good in your daily life. After a retreat, it’s a good time to declutter physical objects in your life too, when you’re clear-headed and have the energy to make changes. It may be your wardrobe, a room in your house or niggling life admin you’ve been putting off for too long.

Create space for transformation

Select one of these focused retreats to meet your unique requirements and clear the way for the future.

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