Gifted film review

Ellen Tout explains why Gifted is a moving, must-see film


Gifted film review

From Marc Webb, the director of (500) Days of Summer, Gifted is a beautiful and inspiring story of love and finding the strength to speak up.

Living in a small town on Florida’s coast, Frank Adler (Chris Evans) is left to raise and home-school his seven-year-old niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) alone. But, determined to give her as normal a childhood as possible, he insists, despite her protests, that she goes to school.

Able to master complex sums and equations, Mary soon stands out among her peers, attracting the (often ill-intentioned) attention of her teachers and otherwise disinterested grandmother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan).

As the film unfolds, we witness Mary’s battle over following an academic path or finding what’s really right for her and makes her happy.

Gifted will make you laugh and cry – a must-see. 

Watch the Gifted trailer here:

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