Film review: Man Up

Lake Bell and Simon Pegg star in Man Up, an unconventional romantic comedy about love, life and taking more chances…


Film review: Man Up

We loved Lake Bell’s wildly authentic performance in the hilarious Man Up.

Totally outshining her co-star Simon Pegg, Bell is fantastic as 34-year-old Nancy, who wants to take more chances in life. So when Jack (Pegg) mistakes her for his 24-year-old blind date, she rolls with it. But the truth always emerges, and with it, hilarity ensues, from sweaty fringes and awkward dancing, to a brilliant bike/taxi race through London.

Bell is the kind of actress we feel inspired by, and Nancy, with all her beautiful imperfections, is a character we can all see inside of us.

Directed by Ben Palmer, in UK cinemas from 29 May.