3 ways to find and speak your truth

Fiona Murden, author of Defining You: How to Profile Yourself And Unlock Your Full Potential helps us pinpoint our values and purpose


3 ways to find and speak your truth

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1. Celebrate your strengths

The things that feel most natural to us are often the things that we don’t value, as we assume everyone must be able to do them. It helps to ask friends and family; what adjective describes me best, what things stand out about me, what are the things I talk about that get me most excited?

2. Don’t do what’s expected of you

Reflecting on our behaviours that don’t sit with our values, our passions, or make our hearts sing can be the first step to knowing something isn’t right for us. We can all become trapped in doing things because they are expected of us or because it was an easy path. Ask; what are the things that make my heart sing, that make me want to get out of bed in the morning, that I enter flow in – and, am I doing enough of them?

3. Be authentic to your values

To an extent our values will always be influenced by our upbringing – can you look at your upbringing and ask which things your family and friends valued that you found more difficult to connect with. You don’t have to be shaped by what your parents or friends say or what they think – what do your different opinions tell you about who you are?

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