Work in harmony with your hormones

Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode, offers some good advice


Work in harmony with your hormones

We associate them with mood swings and chocolate cravings, but our monthly cycles can be turned to our advantage in other areas of life.

Integrative nutritionist Alisa Vitti shares the secrets to working with our hormones to improve fitness, increase productivity and have better sex.


The first week of your cycle is perfect for planning for the month ahead, as a gentle increase in oestrogen and FSH stimulate creativity. By week three, progesterone levels increase, making us feel focused and organised – a great time to complete tasks or tackle your finances.

By the last week, a decrease in hormone levels lets us evaluate different areas of life. It’s a good opportunity to look back over the month and review projects at work and at home.


Grab your trainers in weeks two and three of your cycle and make the most of improved stamina due to a testosterone surge by hitting the gym, running, or attending your favourite high-intensity aerobics classes.

By week four, however, lower levels of all hormones result in decreased energy levels, so it’s a good time to focus on stretching, yoga, or Pilates to rest tired muscles and promote flexibility.


By week two of your cycle, the same testosterone surge that got you sweating at the gym also increases your desire for sex. It takes less time to get in the mood and to reach orgasm, so it’s a great opportunity to be spontaneous.

In week three, the testosterone continues to increase desire, but lower oestrogen levels slow our journey to orgasm. It’s still a great week for sex but you’ll need more time. Let your partner know what you want and set aside time for a romantic night together. 

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