Upping your creativity

Since its publication in 1992, Julia Cameron’s landmark book, ‘The Artist’s Way’, has helped millions of people around the world to uncover their creativity.


Upping your creativity

Try one of our favourite exercises:

List 20 things that you enjoy doing (rock climbing, roller skating, baking pies, making soup, making love, making love again, riding a bicycle, riding a horse, playing catch, shooting baskets, going for a run, reading poetry, and so forth).

When was the last time you let yourself do any of these things?

Next to each of these entries, write down a date. Don’t be surprised if it’s been years since you have taken part in some of your favourite activities.

Now, from your list, write down two favourite things that you have avoided that could be your goals. These goals can be small: buy one roll of film and shoot it. Remember, we are trying to win you some autonomy with your time. 

Look for windows of time just for you, and use them in small, creative acts. Stop looking for big blocks of time when you will be free. Simply try to find small moments instead.

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