Three of the best herbal teas

Brew your way to a happier mind and body with these potent whole tea blends


Three of the best herbal teas

‘A cup of herbal tea with ingredients to help soothe and calm your body at least 1-2 hours before you go to sleep will also help prepare your body for the night,’ says Pukka herbsmith Sebastian Pole. Pukka Night Time Tea, £2.39, contains oat flower to help calm and nourish, lavender to aid relaxation and lime flower which helps to settle the mind.'

De Mamiel Beauty Tisane, £18/15g, contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant-rich rose, linden blossom, jasmine and echinacea flowers, which also help tackle water retention.

TeaTonics Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate Blend, £5.50/14 teabags, (including P&P) includes the finest grade whole leaves and flowers of yerba mate, rosehip and grapefruit, for a blend that gets the body ready for a new day – minus the caffeine.

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