The power of the IFEAL horses

IFEAL offer qualifications in human behaviour change for individuals and organisations using equine facilitated human development methodology. Find out more here


The power of the IFEAL horses

The demands of daily life often destabilise our work/life and wellbeing balance. Increasingly, relationships and health are undermined or damaged and we may even lose direction and purpose.

By working with the IFEAL herd of horses, who live naturally as herds in the wild do, you uniquely experience the opportunity to recognise powerful influencing neurological signals of what you are ‘feeling’, which is often very different from what you are ‘thinking’. This is the root cause of conflict in our lives.

The IFEAL horses work at liberty (loose) and will only freely connect when you learn to stay attuned to yourself and in the present moment, therefore mindful. IFEAL provides the insightful space for you to safely practice, refine and embody effective communication skills that appropriately address your life needs whilst navigating relationships and boundaries.

IFEAL Qualifications, founded by Sun Tui, a psychological consultant, offers workshops that are a fascinating mixture of ancient and modern psychological wisdoms, facilitated by a highly qualified team of psychotherapeutic professionals trained in the IFEAL method.

IFEAL Qualifications offer only the evidenced based courses in the UK. Sun is well known for her research work in embodied behaviour change and lectures internationally on how stress/trauma impact daily life and relationships. Sun is an experienced relational horsewoman.

To access your opportunity to experience the pleasure of a being with the magnificent IFEAL horses do contact: 01892 770139

IFEAL Qualifications is based in East Sussex