The innumerable benefits of probiotics

The bacteria in our gut, collectively known as the microbiome, is receiving a lot of attention in the science world right now. Research is constantly uncovering new information about our gut bacteria, showing that they do so much more than just support our digestion – they are also linked to immunity and weight, headaches and asthma, and so much more. Get up to speed on the importance of good gut health and the benefits of supporting your wellbeing with probiotics.


The innumerable benefits of probiotics

Our gut microbiome is influenced by many different things and it can easily become imbalanced due to factors such as chronic stress, infections, alcohol, or a diet low in fibre or high in refined carbohydrates and sugar. Keeping the microbiome balanced with a high diversity of ‘good’ bacteria is fundamental to good health and a simple way to achieve a diverse microbiome is taking a top-quality daily probiotic supplement.

The benefits of probiotics

Probiotics help balance the microbiome by adding in high numbers of good bacteria that are very similar to or the same as the bacteria colonies naturally present in our gut.

While there are many brands of probiotics on the market, not all of them are created equal, and it is super important to opt for a tried and tested formula that is supported by clinical research (with humans). ShapeLine from Pro-Ven Probiotics is a great option as it has a broader range of clinically proven health benefits than any other probiotic on the market.

The ‘Pro-Ven’ probiotic

ShapeLine contains 50 billion live bacteria per capsule – including Lab4, the most researched group of friendly bacteria in the UK – alongside vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, offering a wide variety of health benefits and supported by clinical studies.

A large clinical trial, published in 2020, showed that taking one ShapeLine capsule every day has impressive wellness benefits, including 40% reduction in upper respiratory tract infections (coughs and colds), 30% reduction in headaches and improved overall wellness. As a result of these benefits, participants in the trial felt better, had more energy and better mood. 

What’s more, ShapeLine is the first human microflora product shown to support a ‘slimmer you’, without making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise routine – all proven in not one, but two clinical studies.

The brand’s most recent trial of 70 participants aged 45-65 resulted in a substantial average reduction of 3.2kg (7lb), simply by participants taking one capsule of ShapeLine supplement a day for nine months (with no other lifestyle changes). Additionally, participants experienced an average 1-inch reduction in waist and hip circumference, indicating that most of the weight lost was the stubborn fat accumulation around the tummy and hips.

But how is this possible?

The full range of actions of probiotics in the gut are yet to be defined, and there are possibly a number of reasons for the weight changes. Extensive laboratory research has shown that one of the mechanisms of action of the specific group of bacteria in ShapeLine is an increase in excretion of bile from the body. This may lead to a reduction in fat absorption (as bile is required for fat absorption) and thus result in more fat being excreted from the body.

Try ShapeLine for yourself – get an exclusive 20% off this product with the discount code PSYCHOLOGIES20. Valid on the Pro-Ven Probiotics website until 31st December 2021.

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