The Great Wake Up: Exercise inspiration

Chris Baréz-Brown suggests some motivating exercise, as part of The Great Wake Up


The Great Wake Up: Exercise inspiration

Last year I met a man who was incredibly fit and energetic. When I asked him his secret, he said that whenever he uses the toilet, on the way back, he does 20 press-ups. As a result, he’s fit, energised and ready to face the day.

The average Briton spends more than 20 hours a day sitting or lying down. It’s been proven that this is jeopardising our health, increasing our risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Research suggests even small bursts of exercise impact greatly on our health and wellbeing.

Your challenge this month is, every time you come back from the loo, do an exercise you think will give you the boost you need. For some, press-ups are perfect, others prefer squats or a burpee (a four-step, full-body exercise).

As long as you get some physical benefit, and your heart pumping, so you’re more alert and refreshed, you can only win.

I believe that if you make this a part of your daily routine, you’ll find it much easier to wake up and escape autopilot, while also looking mighty fine.

Wake up now!

Author, speaker and Upping your Elvis founder Chris Baréz-Brown has teamed up with Psychologies to create a 12-month experiment to help us break our routines.

We will introduce an experiment each week and, at the end of the month, review the results.

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