Stress less exercise: No.4

To celebrate their Stress Fix range, Aveda has enlisted the help of The Stress Management Society, which has suggested some stress-busting techniques and exercises


Stress less exercise: No.4

TRY THIS: Baby Breath Exercise

Where are you breathing from?  Your chest or your stomach?  When a baby takes a breath which part of its body moves the most? It is the belly. That is how we were designed to breathe. 

This exercise reminds you to breathe just as you did as an infant. Imagine a triangle that starts at your belly button and the corners are at your hips.  Inside that triangle is a ball or a balloon.  Every time you take a breath in imagine that ball or balloon filling up with air. Take a slow deep breath in and fill the belly up with air. Hold at the top of the breath for five to 10 seconds and then slowly exhale, pulling your navel towards your spine.

ABOUT THE STRESS MANAGEMENT SOCIETY The Stress Management Society is dedicated to helping people tackle stress at work and at home. Their team of health and professional consultants offers consultancy, staff training, event organisation and stress management products. Click here if you need help tackling stress.

Aveda’s Stress Fix body care range is available in Aveda Salons, Spas, Stores and online.