Spa Special 2015: Villa Eden, Merano, Italy

'I need to overcome my chronic fatigue,' says Selda Enver Goodwin, yoga teacher


Spa Special 2015: Villa Eden, Merano, Italy

Fatigued, inflamed and sleep-deprived, I’m eager to see if Villa Eden, deemed northern Italy’s ‘leading health resort’, can provide the cure. Nestled amid striking Alpine scenery, the magical city of Merano quickly captures my soul (anima in Italian). Angelika has been running the show here since 2003, offering a blend of medical and beauty treatments. I check in for a five-day, metabolic therapy programme that promises to recharge energy levels, promote vitality and heal me from the root.

Dr De Nobili and his staff guide me through an initial diagnostic evaluation. My programme consists of three ‘ozone therapy and homotoxical mesotherapy’ sessions – to replenish waste-filled blood with oxygen, enhancing circulation and energy – and five ‘biothermic’ therapies that will restore and correct metabolism.

Two days in, still brain-fogged and mentally drained, I’m yet to unpack or take a swim, but somehow manage to stumble into town for gelato. The air, clean and fresh as ice, excites my cells!  Therapist Francesca treats me to reflexology, and identifies a liver depletion problem. Later, I find myself in a body cast treatment that sees my bottom half encased like an ancient Pharaoh. The effects are immediate; my legs feel lighter, soft and taut. Once I’ve been cleansed, masked, cast and peeled, Silvia’s facial lifts my jawline and spirits in equal measure. A brisk 7am walk invigorates my muscles, so afternoon yoga is the perfect antidote. Later, I listen to the other guests, chattering in sing-song Italian, as I enjoy my buckwheat gnocchi, soup and salad lunch.

There’s something in the air here – perhaps the miracle spring water plays a part, too – but after only a few nights away from the craziness of London life, I’m sleeping longer, feeling stronger and smiling my way through Verona airport.

Wellbeing Escapes offers an all-inclusive seven-night Metabolic & Energy Booster Programme at Villa Eden from £2,054 per person (

TIP Ensure you pack comfortable shoes to explore the beauty and ambience of the town, and enjoy some café culture (gelato obligatory).

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