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Positive Fitness tip of the week

Lee Mullins founder of the Workshop Gymnasium, advocates that you should always include 'sprint intervals into your workouts to lose body fat, improve health and maintain lean muscle’.

What is it? 

Interval training consists of high-intensity exercises that usually last for up to 50 seconds. A relief period of around 10 to 20 seconds take place in between each exercise.

How does it work?

Interval training improves your cardiovascular system by mixing up your routine, making your body work hard constantly. It prevents the body from getting used to the exercise you are performing.

Think of an activity you're responsible for in the workplace. When you were first given this assignment, your brain had to think hard about how to finish it.  After a few weeks, that task becomes second nature and your brain doesn’t have to think about it so much. The same applies to your workout. Your body gets used to a routine, diminishing the workload and preventing an improvement. Interval training mixes up your workout adequately enough to keep your body thinking about what it’s doing.

Photograph: iStock