Peach and raspberry iced tea lollies

Beat the heat with this recipe for iced tea lollies using T2's loose leaf tea


Peach and raspberry iced tea lollies

Makes eight to ten.

You’ll need:

• 16 teaspoons T2 Packs a Peach

• 700 ml/23.6 fl oz boiling water

• 4 tablespoons honey

• ½ lemon, juiced

• 150 g/5.2 oz fresh or frozen raspberries


• Add the tea to the infuser of a 1L teapot, add boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Remove the infuser, add honey and lemon juice and stir well to dissolve. Place in the fridge to cool completely.

• Meanwhile, mash raspberries with the back of a fork, then stir into the cooled tea mixture. Pour the mixture into the ice pop moulds.

• Transfer to a freezer until frozen. Enjoy!

Note: If using a conventional ice pop mould, place the lid on securely and freeze. If using unconventional moulds, allow the mixture to freeze until they begin to set (roughly 1 hour, depending on size), then insert sticks and return to freezer to set completely.

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