Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief Psychologies magazine encourages us to create a daily mindful walk and share your observations. Let’s walk together



Right now, in the current lock-down, we can take a walk every day. Getting outside every day will improve our mental and physical health and wellbeing. So let’s focus on what we can control and let’s walk! Psychologies is launching #OnMyWalkToday where we are encouraging our readers to take a mindful walk and then afterwards share what us they saw, where they walked and what they reflected on, what decisions they made, how they felt, what they noticed.

Why? Right now, it’s as if someone has pressed PAUSE on our lives and it’s an ideal time for self-development and self-reflection. Perhaps you can grab a diary or journal after your walk and note down your thoughts and we can use this time to go deeper, connect with our inner wisdom and build a strong relationship with ourselves. Julia Samuels, author of This Too Shall Pass (Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful Beginnings, Penguin, £14.99) says that our number one step to adapting and thriving in difficult times is to work on creating a good relationship with ourselves. ‘It’s the pillar that influences every other relationship in your life. It’s central to your wellbeing,’ she says.

Here are some prompts. Use one or all of them to give focus to your walk and then share your thoughts, observations, pictures, videos with our community. Let’s walk together.


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