Mum’s List Legacy workshops

The best-selling book and film Mum’s List has inspired the launch of a unique wellness program


Mum's List Legacy workshops

Mum’s List tells the true story of Kate Greene’s journey with cancer and the list she left her husband and two young boys for how to live once she had gone. 

The Mum’s List Legacy (MLL) programme and workshops – that support the best-selling book (written by Kate’s husband Singe) and film – have now been launched to help people recognise their responses to stress, learn how to change them and how to ‘live your best life’, no matter what life brings. 

The workshops reflect Kate’s wish for humanity to live with greater purpose, gratitude and joy – to help people navigate the unpredictability of life with resiliency, courage and wisdom.

Using proven mindfulness techniques, meditations, and self-reflective exercises, the program teaches people to ‘look within for insight’ about their life experiences and challenges, and provides guidance for creating positive change.

Topics of focus include:

  • stress reduction
  • releasing fear and anxiety
  • enhancing the body’s resiliency
  • cultivating inner-peace and personal empowerment 

In honour of Kate’s legacy, a portion of workshop proceeds go the Greene children’s trust and charities across the globe.

The film Mum’s List, which opened in UK theatres on November 25, stars Emilia Fox and Rafe Spall. Watch the trailer here: 

For more information on the legacy programme, go to

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