Mood boost: A zumba wake-up


Mood boost: A zumba wake-up

Try one of these three dance moves, put together by Zumba education specialist Caroline Parsons, for a mini Monday mood-boost.

The Merengue March: March on the spot, letting the hip drop as you step down, and swing your arms up to shoulder level. To increase the challenge, take the march wider, bending the knees more and reaching the arms up further.

The Two Step: Travel side to side, stepping the feet apart, then together, the step apart again and tap your foot. Repeat, moving to the other side. To add some fun Zumba flavour, shimmy the shoulders or shake imaginary maracas in the direction of travel.

The Salsa: Tap your foot to side, bring it back together, tap your foot to other side and bring it back together. Once you have the basic movement you can develop this further by transferring the body weight out and in with the feet. Soften the knees and let the hips move freely.

Combine the moves with some fabulous international rhythms (or download Zumba albums from iTunes).