Menomagic – a natural range to help you manage your menopause

Menomagic™ was launched on World Menopause Day in October 2018 and, after being featured in the national media, is now trusted by thousands of women


Menomagic – a natural range to help you manage your menopause

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The range has been developed by holistic therapist Steven Crumblehulme in conjunction with UK chemists. It was originally formulated for his own clients, and his mum Karen, who had struggled for several years with hot flushes and night sweats but who did not want HRT.

The initial product launched was the 50ml Cooling Cream which contains 4 essential oils; Peppermint to cool the skin, Rose Geranium to ease anxiety and uplift low moods, Lavender to aid sleep and relaxation, Clary Sage to balance hormones. The cream is used by rubbing onto pulse points (such as wrists, behind the ears or – if used at night – the soles of the feet).

The Cooling Cream was featured in the national press last year and this led to approaches from the BBC’s Dragons Den, international stockists and thousands of new customers. After the success of this further products were recently released. All are tailored to addressing key concerns that can arise as a result of the menopause. These include:

A Rejuvenating Marula Oil Facial Serum with Rose Oil – designed to tackle fine lines and dryness resulting from reduced collagen during and after the menopause.

A Nourishing Shea Body Butter with Rose and Lavender Oil to moisturise dry and/or itchy skin.

A beautifully scented Rose and Lavender Pillow Spray to help ease sleeplessness and the anxiety this can cause.

A 15ml version of the bestselling Cooling Cream. This was launched following social media feedback from customers who wanted to be able to carry a smaller version in their handbags, whilst keeping the 50ml beside their bed.

All of the products are made in the UK by cosmetic chemists and all are organic, paraben-free, cruelty free and vegan-friendly. The whole range is currently available to purchase online, although there are exciting plans this year to engage with high street stockists who have taken an interest in the brand.

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