Life hacks to sleep well and keep motivated, naturally!

How can we harness the benefits of essential oils to help support our health and wellbeing?


Life hacks to sleep well and keep motivated, naturally!

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When we think of essential oils, most of us will think of our favourite scent or combination, but it’s a little-known secret what a profound effect they can also have on our healthEssential oils are aromatic plant extracts which contain the very life force of the plant. Flower oils have a relaxing effect on the body, fruit oils are stimulating, leaves are cooling, and barks oils have heating properties.

Pit Putty Natural Deodorants is a skincare company that harnesses the healing powers of essential oils in its products, so we asked them what their top two essential oils are and why.


Vividly linked to tropical sunny climates, I think of energising bicycle rides and uplifted emotions. Many say that smells directly affect our emotions, and we can take full advantage of this! If like so many of us, fresh lemongrass essential oil promotes positive feelings of being uplifted and motivated, perhaps make it part of your daytime routine? 

Try this!

Buy a small dropper of lemongrass essential oil and keep it handy in your bag for moments when you need that extra little lift. 


Is there anything more relaxing than being in nature? Earthy, floral and fresh, lavender oil is famous for its ability to reduce anxiety, release tension, uplift spirits and bring about a sense of deep inner peace. 

Try this!

Finding it hard to get to sleep at night? Add two drops of lavender essential oil to your pillow or in your bath before bed, breathe deep and drift off into a calm state of relaxation. 

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