Joanna Jensen on her natural toiletries brand

The founder of Childs Farm shares how her own experience as a mother inspired her to start a natural toiletries brand for children


Joanna Jensen on her natural toiletries brand

Q. What was your ‘light bulb moment’ for starting your own business?

I’ve always been interested in natural products and alternative health, and I’d used various home-made potions on my horses for years. When my two daughters came along, I struggled to find natural bodycare products for them that actually worked, and what I could find was either medicinal-looking or frighteningly expensive. I quickly realised there must be other parents out there who wanted a similar thing, and the business was born.

Q. What makes your brand unique?

I don’t run a large pharmaceuticals company only interested in margins and sales. I’m passionate about real mums and helping them do the best for their families, which means making sure that our range works for everyone. This makes us different in an industry that is very much dominated by large businesses.

Q. Is there anything you would go back and do differently?

Before starting Childs Farm, I had no experience of building a brand and selling it to retailers, so I’ve learned everything on the job and, of course, I’ve made mistakes. There are probably lots of things I would have changed, but we just keep our eyes on the future and how we can do even better for parents and children.

Q. What has been your proudest moment so far on this journey?

I’m proud of where we are now from a business perspective, but I’m also extremely happy that our brand is making a difference to people’s lives. Childs Farm is suitable for all children, but it can really help if you have dry or sensitive skin, or suffer with eczema. All the feedback we get is so uplifting and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Q. What’s the one piece of advice you would give other women wanting to start a business?

Have a plan and be passionate about what you do. I knew there was a problem to be solved and that was my plan.

Q. How do you balance running your own business and having a family?

Ultimately, my children come first, and I make sure that I put aside time for them. However, they do understand that work is a hugely important part of my life and I do need to dedicate time towards it. However, parental guilt is always there and, like most of the parental workforce, I wish I could do better!

Q. How do you switch off and relax?

I live and work in the great British countryside, which means I have access to some of the most beautiful walks in the world. Taking the dogs out and enjoying the fresh air is a great tonic for me.

Q. What does the future hold for Childs Farm?

We want to spread the word and get our products into the hands of more parents. Our products are genuinely great and we’d like everyone to know that!

Find out more about the brand at and follow them @childsfarm

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