How to think like a likeable person

We all know people we consider to be really likeable – what is it that gives us this impression right from the start?


How to think like a likeable person

Stefan Stern reveals the secrets of likeable people:

1. Accepting yourself, including your faults, makes you very attractive to others, as it makes them feel more secure in your presence.

2. Showing tension, however, gives off a negative signal that others may interpret as meaning you don’t like them. Aim to relax.

3. Go into each encounter expecting to be interested in – and to be like – the people you meet.

4. Move your focus outwards. Instead of feeling aggrieved by a rude shop assistant, think about what might have caused them to behave unpleasantly. Smile and ask how their day has been, and watch their mood soften.

5. Likeable people are optimistic – or at least appear to be. When they enter a room they do not look daunted or fearful. They stand up straight and do not seem flustered.

6. If you’re dealing a difficult conversation, control your temper and don’t be scared to inject humour when appropriate.

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