How to make real connection

Research shows that loneliness is becoming a modern-day epidemic, so how do we reach out and connect?


How to make real connection

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How do we truly belong without betraying our integrity by trying to fit in? Read our Dossier, listen to our podcast with Brené Brown and learn how to reconnect with yourself and others, to find new ways to create a community that’s supportive, kind and constructive.

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2. Your life story…

What role do you play in your life story? Take the test here.

3. How is your relationship with yourself?

UKCP psychotherapist Lucy Johnson explains why for better connection, we first need to look within. 

4. What stops you enjoying your life?

Take our test to identify what stops you from enjoying yourself, and how you really can reboot your zest for life.

5. 5 ways to connect with yourself and others…

Mindfulness teacher and inspirational speaker Emma Fairclough shares her secrets on how to connect mindfully with yourself and those around you in times of need. Read more here.

6. Can you make real friends online?

Social networking sites offer so many opportunities to connect with others – but can they fulfil our need for love and support? Dr Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus and Nigel Holt find out… Read more here.

7. Why do we feel shame about loneliness?

It’s an almost universal experience, and yet it is still a taboo. Olivia Laing discusses her own encounter with loneliness, and explains why overcoming any shame in this very human struggle is the first step to a happier life. Read more here.

8. Why being single can be a chance to reconnect with yourself

Research shows that single women are as happy and fulfilled as their married counterparts, but negative stereotypes persist. Ellen Tout, a millennial who is watching her friends settle down, tells it as it is. Read more here.

9. Discover the festival of togetherness

Jane Alexander experiences the moving new Togetherness Festival, created to bring us closer and create connections through times of division. Read more here.

10. Five ways to keep your long-distance friendships alive

What do you do when you or your best friend moves 10,000 miles away? There is hope, says Hannah Davies, who has sought some words of wisdom from ‘Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend’ author Dr Irene S Levine. Read more here.

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