How to be brave

Margie Warrell’s wisdom on feeling the fear, yet still finding the courage to take action


How to be brave

1. Identify what you are so afraid of

Then, imagine your worst fear coming to fruition and breathe through it. How would you handle it?

2. Fear of failure is a common obstacle to pursuing your dreams

Ask yourself: am I willing to allow fear, rather than my unique talents, to be the deciding factor?

3. Courage is about taking responsibility for your own life

Ask yourself: in which situations have I cast people as villains or myself as a victim? What other story could I tell? What payoff would I need to give up to do this?

4. We’re scared to make a change

This is because we worry about what ‘everybody’ will think. But psychologists have found that our ‘everybody’ is usually five or six people! Practise thinking ‘so what?’ when this thought arises.

5. Have the courage to accept what you cannot change

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is to walk away from something that isn’t working, whether it’s a relationship or a project. You’ll have the energy to move on to something new.

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