Celebrate your special people with our Christmas Gift Guide

In this year’s collaborative Christmas gift guide, we bring you a selection of meaningful presents to shine the light of gratitude on those who bring happiness to your life. Now, more than ever, is the time to thank those who have championed us, inspired us and paved our way to growth as we face life’s challenges.


Celebrate your special people with our Christmas Gift Guide


For gratitude and growth

Timely tokens to ignite strength, ease the spirit and enliven the mind.

Inner Circle

You are precious to me. Thick twisted rope ring by Mirabelle for the V&A, £40, vam.ac.uk

Inspired by adventures

Customisable travel bracelet. Memories from around the world, around your wrist.

El Camino Travel Bracelet, starting at £21.99

Skin Deep

Soothing and smoothing. Sonic powered mask, from the UFO 2 range £249 each, foreo.com

Soak up Calm

Dip into natural nourishment. Olverum Bath Oil, £36.50 olverum.com

Power of the pen

Write your way to awareness. ‘The Happy Self Journal’ £19.90, happyselfjournal.com

Let it grow

Poetry in living motion. Erlen 1 NIWA DESIGN plant terrarium, £99, fourstore.co.uk

Ongoing inspiration

A friend in print. Gift subscription to Psychologies £39.95 for 13 issues 

Psychologies gift subscription

Green Beauty

Savour the softness. Nettle Venom Cream. £64 shop.heavenskincare.com

Artistic Journeys

Take a cultural trip down memory lane. V&A Museum membership. From £70, Vam.ac.uk

Daily Mantra

Appreciate all that you have. ‘I am grateful’ necklace, £55, mantrajewellery.co.uk

Tree’s company

Bring nature home. Trees, from £11.50. treedom.net/en

For creativity and calm

Delight the movers, the makers and the self-care takers

Healing touch

Spiritual and physical relaxation. Jade Beauty Restorer massage tool, £38 https://hayoumethod.com/product/beauty-restorer/

Joyful Trio

Drops of inspiration and contentment. The Little Box of Happiness, £13.45 for the set tisserand.com

Play it by ear

Decorate your lobes with climbing jewellery. Silver and pearl ear wings, £22, potterandmooch.co.uk

Comfort undercover

Kaleidoscopic warmth. Large patchwork quilt, exclusive to the V&A, £325, vam.ac.uk

Peace and Health

Prioritise body and mind. Online yoga classes and courses for all abilities. https://movementformodernlife.com/

I made you a card

Innovate, create and feel good. Cricut Joy cutting machine for crafty makers, £179.99 Johnlewis.com

Mineral soother

Restore balance for restful slumber. Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes, £9.95 betteryou.com

Creativity manual

Make it special. Mindful crafting subscription, £39.95 for eight issues. Shop.kelsey.co.uk/subscription/MCR

Restore and polish

Feed your skin with goodness. Cleansing fragrance-free scrub. £25.50 ecooking.com

For nurture and Nourishment

Savour the moment, deepen awareness and feel good

O night divine

Pampering treat before the big day. Christmas Eve goodies box Friendinabox.co.uk

De-stressed tresses

Care for your crowning glory. Amla Hair Remedy, £38, alchemyoils.co.uk

Soul Story

Power to you. ‘I am strong’ ring. £15, soulanalyse.com

Mind map

Follow your bliss. ‘Maps of Joy’ from £25, Mapsofjoy.com

Pretty little things

Ethical adornment. Katiico Tawiah aggry bead earrings, £45 seekd.co.uk

Press pause

Take the pressure off with Acupressure. Pranamat ECO massage set, £185 pranamateco.com

Tea and empathy

Ponder life’s questions over a cuppa. Jasmine Tea Gift set, £30 jingtea.com

Festive cheers

Get into the spirits! Tiptree advent calendar. £100 tiptree.com

Dream cream

Work miracles while you sleep, Hydration mask. £62 nayaglow.com

Page learner

Read between the lines. Anxiety and An Emotional Menagerie books, £15 each, Theschooloflife.com

Happy Hair days

Lustre for life, Simone Thomas biotin haircare plan, From £130, save 25% by using code ‘Biotin25’ at checkout Simonethomaswellness.com

Safe and secure

Girl with the pearl….. Brass barette with cotton ‘pearl’ – a compressed and treated cotton ball by Anq for the V&A, Vam.ac.uk

Dear me

Loving compassion, just for you. ‘Be kind to yourself’ de-stressing and relaxing gift set £26, Friendinabox.co.uk

For uplifting moments

Show appreciation with tokens that spark self-care and reflection

Evening ritual

Improves hydration and elasticity. Glow harmonic Evening Primrose Facial Oil, £38, glowharmonic.com

Harmony at your heart

A philosophical reminder ‘Balance’ yin and yang necklace £45, Mantrajewellery.co.uk

The story of us

Commit your friendship to paper. Storigraphic ‘Hey You’ personalised book, £19.50, Storigraphic.com

Reading is believing

Unlock the imagination with Love My Read. Prices: Child subscription: £12.99 pm; Adult subscription £18.99 pm, www.lovemyread.com

For mindfulness and good health

Thoughtful and imaginative gifts to bolster spirit and body

Tranquility Trio

Unwind, chill out and relax. Aromatherapy Real Calm Discovery Kit £13.45, Tisserand.com

It will all come together

Find a creative solution. ‘Down the rabbit hole’ jigsaw puzzle £25, vam.ac.uk

Feel your best

Moisturise and nourish your skin. Long lasting day cream in reusable glass jar, £34 ecooking.com

Art of writing

First words edition. Teach your little one to read with a William Morris ABC book £6.99 Vam.ac.uk

For adventure and connection

Broaden horizons, foster communication and express your love

In the driving seat

An experience is a memory. Mercedes Benz World Driving Experience gift vouchers

From £40 mercedes-benzworld.co.uk 

Elevate your skincare

Adopt a healthy routine. NAYA Everyday Cacay Collection – cleansing oil, glow serum, face oil and day cream £158 nayaglow.com

Blossoming friendship

Companionship and refreshment. Flowering tea gift set £60 Jingtea.com

Planet Power

Make a difference to climate change. Big impact made effortless. Gift membership to Every One of Us, £36 per year. theeveryoneclub.uk/

You mean so much to me

A message to hold dear. ‘You are loved’ rose gold necklace with shell inlay. £30 soulanalyse.com

Exercise your power

For active and sporty souls. Nuasan Active Bodycare Kit, a sustainable gift set with sports towel, £37, nuasan.com

Up your relationship game

Seal your bond. The Couples Workbook, £15, and Digital Connections cards for closeness at a distance, £12, theschooloflife.com