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Turning Old Stories into Wisdom

We live in a stressful world and life not always goes as planned. Past experiences, especially as kids can leave an imprint in ourselves that will condition how we behave, think and feel as adults.

We attach to roles, stories, experiences and if we don’t release them, they will hold us back from living the life we truly want to live.

If we want to connect with our true self, it is key to identify these stories that live within us, be grateful for the lessons they taught us and release them.

When we detach from the story and it becomes only a memory, we can start building the relationships we want, having success in our career and live a life full of joy and inner peace.

There is so much we can learn from our past experiences. Once we heal them, they become a source of inner wisdom an inner power.

But we need to heal them first, or we will get stuck in the pain, resentment and anger.

Once we understand that what happened to us IS NOT US, we can see our past with a different perspective, appreciating and feeling grateful for the lessons we learnt.

Easier said than done, right?

Here is a list of steps you can take to turn your old stories into wisdom:

1.Identify the roles and past stories that define you.

Look for anything that sounds like: ‘I’m not able to love because my dad never showed love to my mum nor me’. ‘They told me I wasn’t smart at school so I don’t have the confidence to succeed in my career’.

Write each role or old story in a separate small piece of paper.

2.Burn them in a fire ceremony.

Fire ceremonies are so powerful. And they can be very simple! You just need a candle and your intention. That is the most important thing.

Set a strong intention to release your attachment to the old stories and to transform them into wisdom.

As you burn the little pieces of paper (you can also use toothpicks) witness the transformation happening.

In this article you can find more details about how to perform a simple fire ceremony at home.

3.Reflect on the lessons learnt.

Spend some time journaling about the lessons you have learnt from your old stories.

There is always a lesson to learn even in the most negative experiences (otherwise we wouldn’t manifest them). Once you understand the lesson, it becomes part of your wisdom, your knowledge and your inner resources.

4.Express gratitude.

If you are not able to feel gratitude towards the story you want to release, you might have to do more inner work before releasing it.

When we heal, we can feel gratitude even towards people that hurt us. If we can’t, it’s because there is still resentment or other emotions that need to be cleared before we can let go.

You can just connect with the feeling of gratitude or even write a thank you letter to the person involved. The purpose of the letter is not to send it or share it with them, it is just a tool for you to integrate the process of releasing.

5.Work with an expert.

If you want to access deep levels of healing, especially when it comes to traumatic experiences or karmic patterns, it might be difficult to do it on your own. You might want to work with a therapist to clear the negative imprints or limiting beliefs that might be stored in your psyche and energy field.


I hope you liked this article!

If you are interested in this topic, I’m holding a 2h online workshop this Sunday: ‘Transforming Old Stories into a Source of Inner Power’. We will be doing a fire ceremony, a guided visualisation based on shamanic journeying and a Theta Healing meditation. It is going to be incredibly powerful, transformational and fun! Check out all the details here.

Verónica Moreno

Verónica Moreno

Humanistic Counsellor | Theta Healer | Shamanic Energy Healer | Life & Career Coach | Personal & Spiritual Development

Hi! I'm a qualified Counsellor, Theta Healer and Shamanic Energy Healing practitioner. In these times of chaos, crisis and despair, I see a huge opportunity for deep healing, personal transformation and soul evolution. I have a unique approach being trained in different psychological and energy healing modalities. Unlike in normal therapy we won’t just talk about your problems again and again. This a first step, and it is wonderful to gain awareness, but to get effective results we need to go deeper. With Theta Healing we will access the subconscious mind, and the Shamanic techniques I offer will work on removing negative imprints from your energy field. They are incredibly powerful techniques that will help you achieve a deep and effective transformation. So if you feel that you are ready to go within, release and heal all the blocks, beliefs, programs and traumas that are no longer serving you… If you want to start manifesting your soul’s purpose and highest destiny… If you want to feel truly empowered and in control of your life and the reality you experience… The journey starts here and now! I offer 1:1 sessions, packages and online programs for different budgets and preferences. Every month I run free events that include fire ceremonies and guided meditations. Have a look at Or email me at and  Let's have a chat to discover how I can help you.