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The Power of A Little

The Power Of A Little

(Or why I called my business A Little Light Shine Coaching part 1) 

There is a lot to be said for the power of a little. 

When I first started telling people that I was naming my coaching business A Little Light Shine Coaching I was met with mixed reactions to say the least. Some people loved it, but equally some people were horrified and said ‘ You can’t call your business that.’ They weren’t being mean; they were actually some of the people who love me the most and wanted to stop me from making what they feared could be a terrible career mistake. Their thinking was that, as a coach, I was supposed to be helping people fulfil their potential to achieve great, unlimited things so I couldn’t possibly have the word ‘Little’ in the title. And they had a point!

Often the changes we hope for and dream about for our lives, both personally and professionally, are actually NOT little but really big, significant and hugely important things. And personally, I think that’s a really great thing. As a coach one of my main jobs is to help people overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold them back from even thinking that achieving their dreams and ambitions is possible.

But the problem with big is that it can seem really, really overwhelming! The size and scope of the changes that we perceive as needed can leave us thinking how can I possibly get from where I am now to where I want to go? And when things seem overwhelming, they can become paralysing! And that’s why I’m so passionate about the power and impact of a little.

In reality, few great things are ever achieved in one great leap. No matter who you are, the distance from here to there is actually most effectively covered one little step, minute and hour at a time.

It so easy in our fast paced ‘instant’ world to look at others and simply see or hear a highlight reel of achievements on their path to success and contentment. I once heard a pastor refer to a story told with the benefit of hindsight as a ‘time hop testimony’ and the phrase has always stuck with me.

Because once something is actually done it takes seconds for someone to cover off years of their story and whilst those stories of inspiration and courage are great they can often miss out the fine detail. If you take any example of a person who you look up to or who you admire and look at how they become who are they are or got to where they are, the ‘how’ breaks down in to hundreds of little moments, little steps, little insights, little changes, and little actions which cumulatively brought about big change. And it has to be that way because you can only ever have 24 hours in your day and you are always going to need sleep and need rest and food. And that’s why, no matter how big your ambition, your dream or even your obstacle your attitude to a little can make a massive difference.

.A little is the difference between here and there, a little is powerful and a little grows.

A little is the bridge that connects your hopes and dreams to your reality, it is the steps on the path way to your destiny.

And a little is not just important as a means to an end, a little can and should be an end in itself. How often has a little smile, a little bit of fresh air or a little laughter made all the difference to an otherwise ordinary day? A little gives you the power to enjoy the now instead of waiting for the when.

If we asked the question what do I need a little bit of today and allowed ourselves to have or access that thing what difference might that make to our quality of life? A little compassion, a little rest or even a little self-discipline?

And what might change if rather than allowing ourselves to be feel helpless in the face of a world full of huge need we thought about what little we could give each day? A little patience, a little warmth, a little time perhaps?

Sometimes it’s just a little bit of something, a little insight, a little conversation a little reflection that shines a light on something fresh and that bit of light illuminates your path or someone else’s just enough to move a few little steps forward!

Zaidha Roscoe

Zaidha Roscoe

Business and Personal Coach

Hi I’m Zaidha Roscoe and I am a personal and business coach working with people who want to empower themselves to step up and get the most out of their one precious life. Coaching is a collaborative process of exploration, discovery, growth and ultimately, change. It involves looking at where you are now, where you want to be, how you are going to get there and perhaps most importantly enables you to identify and overcome the obstacles stopping you. If you want to discover and achieve more in either your personal or professional life or are feeling ‘stuck’ then coaching can help you to • Discover your unique strengths, gifts and attributes and harness them to build a positive, fulfilling life. • Recognise your values and set goals that honour them • Identify, challenge and overcome obstacles • Unlock and maximise your potential. As a coach I believe you are unique. You are special. You were born with an innate set of gifts and talents, strengths and quirks in an exact combination that no other human being on this earth possesses. You are infinitely loved and You have an intrinsic worth that simply cannot be quantified and an unfathomable amount of potential. You have a light inside of you that was made to shine and be shared with the world. You have a purpose. So I have just one question ……….. What’s stopping you? Whilst I will hold the space in which to challenge, encourage and support you ultimately it will be you doing the work forging a path that is true to your own values and aspirations and building a life that is uniquely right for you, a life that feels good on the inside not one that merely looks good on the outside. One of my favourite quotes is ‘A ship in harbour is safe-but that is not what ships are built for.’ -John A. Shedd Put simply, coaching helps you to answer the questions What is your ship built for? What is keeping you in harbour? And what do you need to do to set sail? Wherever you are starting from coaching can help you discover your passion and purpose in both your business and personal life. I offer a free initial discovery session either via phone or zoom in which we can discuss what you are looking for from coaching and answer any questions you might have. If you feel coaching is right for you we can discuss how we might work together, however there is never any pressure to make a decision during your discovery session. Fees vary depending on the type of coaching you are looking for, session length and location. I am trained and qualified in Business and Personal Coaching with industry leaders Barefoot Coaching and have 18 years experience running an independent business. I am registered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to their industry standards as well as working with my own coach and within a coaching supervision group. I believe as a coach it’s important to constantly build on my learning and expand on my knowledge in order to be able to deliver the very best service possible to my clients. Therefore I am working towards both a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester and my next level of ICF credentialling.

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