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Have you hit an income ceiling?

We all have set points and upper limits that prevent us from achieving our financial goals. Where is your set and how long have you been stuck there?

Your set point says: it’s ok for me to earn to this level, and to have this amount of debt. It’s a level at which you feel safe and deserving. But it also means that you’ll “get rid” of, or reject, anything above that.

If you left behind a corporate career to be your own boss, then chances are that you set yourself a nice, juicy income goal.

You most likely decided that you want to at least replicate/replace your corporate salary.

Now you’re a few years in with your business and it’s going well, but you’ve reached an income plateau. 

You’ve got no idea why you can’t break through the ceiling of your current earnings.

You’re working harder than you did in your corporate job. Worker longer hours, and doing more personal and professional development than ever before. 

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard your you work or where you focus your efforts, one thing isn’t budging.


Every time you reach a point where it looks like you’ve finally done it, something crops up and you’re right back where you were.

You’re making great money but you aren’t making any MORE.

You see, we all have financial set points or inner money set points that work with our subconscious beliefs and programs to keep us safe, to prevent us from “getting too big for our boots”. The set point says that earning more is not safe, and that we don’t deserve to earn more.

As a result, we’ll earn and manifest money in direct proportion to our set point. Unless you address this and clear it you’ll struggle to break through it. It acts like a glass ceiling.

It’s a common problem for women who leave a corporate career. They’ll struggle to make more than they did in their previous job because that’s the most they ever earned. It’s created a set point that says “this is what I’m worth”. It happens subconsciously too, which makes it a tricky thing to find and resolve.

Are you ready to start clearing it?


decide what kind of a rich person you are, who and HOW you want to be. What qualities will you embody as you grow your wealth? Don’t think about the amount of money you want to earn, instead focus on who you’ll be as you grow your wealth.


tap on the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions that come up when you think about money. If you haven’t experienced EFT (tapping) before, see my Tapping Starter Pack Here.

I’ve also uploaded a video to Psychologies walking you through this exercise. You can view that HERE.

Are you an employee on the hunt for a promotion and higher salary?

In this article I’ve spoken about how financial set points impact business owners who left a corporate career behind but these set points affect everyone, including employees. So if you’ve been looking for a promotion or pay rise and no matter how hard you try it just isn’t happening for you, take a look the money piece and you may find that your set point is working against you too.

If your subconscious beliefs and programs are saying that it’s not safe for you to earn more money and/or that you don’t deserve more, you’ll struggle to move up the payscale. You’ll subconsciously sabotage your chances of promotion, for example, you’ll stop yourself from applying for jobs you’re more than good enough to go for, you’ll mess up interviews, you’ll fail to negotiate hard enough (or at all) for the salary you really want.

Nurture your money mindset and create a healthy relationship with your money. 

Jane Rapin ACC

Jane Rapin ACC

Business & Personal Coach | Lawyer

I help professionals to reach their full potential. Starting a business takes guts. Get it off to the best start with my unique blend of coaching, commercially focussed strategy and targeted mindset work. I’ll help you get out of your own way, overcome self-doubt and dispel negativity. The result? You have more fun doing what you love. I work internationally and locally, across a broad range of industries. In addition to being a certified business and personal coach, I'm also a certified Tapping Into Wealth Transformational Coach. I've been coaching and mentoring for over 25 years, helping employees and business owners across a wide range of sectors including law, project management, engineering, retail, leisure, insurance, government initiatives to help the long-term unemployed, NHS and more. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you, please feel free to contact me via the links here in my profile or via my website ( I can't wait to help you!