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Getting Sh*t Done & Feeling Good About It

Are you a business owner?  Your own boss?  An entrepreneur, and parent, and husband or wife, and friend?  Do you find it hard to manage your time effectively?

Let’s get real about time management.  And get sh*t done.  Then feel good about it!

It is possible to decide what needs to be done and do exactly that.  Rather than procrastinate on social media, cleaning the house or watching your latest Netflix fave!  Here are 7 steps to help you get there.

1. Calm down!

We often try to do far too much in a short space of time.  This can often lead to failure as we are being unrealistic with what we can achieve.  Take a deep breath and find some focus.

2. Make your BIG list

Jot down everything that is floating around in your mind.  Whether this is design a website, do the washing, write that essay, go to the gym, make a flyer, pay for the childcare, design business cards, go live on Facebook, write a book, record a podcast, make the bed, or start being healthy!  Get it all down and out of your head.

3. S.M.A.R.T. Goals

A helpful way to make your to-do list doable.  Are your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have you set a time-frame or deadline?  If not, you are less likely to ever tick everything off the list with items moving over to the next never-ending list.  Leading you to go round in circles and feel you are achieving nothing.  Make your goals ’S.M.A.R.T.’ so you know you can easily check in on your successes.

4. Practice a daily list

The daily list is the one!  Narrow it down.  Decide what takes priority today.  Be mindful of the S.M.A.R.T. checklist above and commit to what you’d like to tick off by the end of the day.  This might only be one thing.  And that is ok.  One thing is better than no things!

5. Stop to praise yourself

This is key.  All the greatness we are achieving totally passes us by when we are constantly looking to the next thing we ‘should’ be doing.  Take a mindful moment to notice what you have achieved and feel good about it.  However small it may be, it counts.

6. Delegate

Delegate, not procrastinate.  If you are still feeling a sense of overwhelm, is there the possibility to delegate?  This may be as simple as getting a cleaner to help you around the house so that dust, or ironing, isn’t staring you in the face every time you sit down at your laptop.  Or is your web design better placed with a professional, rather than you fiddling your way through Wix or Squarespace?  Can you find someone to edit your podcast series so you can save yourself for finding the guests and writing the content?  Don’t be a hero.

7. Self-care

This one always ends up at the bottom of the pile.  Practice self-care.  Having energy to execute your list is imperative to triumph.  The reality is we don’t always have the energy to do what we set out to do that day.  Don’t pile the pressure on in this scenario.  Try to tune into your self-awareness and allow yourself time for rest, some gentle exercise, a bath, watching your fave telly programme, reading, a massage, listening to music, getting your nails done, meditation, going for a pint with pals…whatever it is that gets you to that zen place!

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Tommy Ludgate

Tommy Ludgate

Coach For Creatives

My mission is to help anyone with a creative soul overcome the challenges that are holding them back in their professional career and personal wellbeing. With over a decade’s experience in coaching singers, songwriters and performers, I am an expert in nurturing people and bringing their talents to the main stage. In a former life, I performed with Paloma Faith, Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller and released an iTunes Top 10 Blues album. I am experienced in the challenges that can hold artists back and in building effective strategies to overcome them. I use my unique blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching experience to give creatives the power to achieve personal and professional success. Whether you’re an aspiring children’s author, freelance graphic designer, musician or stylist, I am passionate about working with your creative talent to enable you to achieve the results you deserve.