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3 steps to create calm in the current mayhem

​Here are three practical mindset workouts that will help bring some calm in amongst this time of uncertainty.

1) Let go 

If we fight this situation we lose 100% of the time. This is history we are living through right now and no one knows what will happen. The best thing we can do is understand that we are not in control and to stop trying to control it. This may be a challenging task, but a good alternative is to focus on the things that we can control, in a healthy way, and use our energy on these things. For example learning how to cook the households favourite foods, spending time crafting with the children or finally sitting there and putting pen to paper for your first novel.


acceptance and gratitude  – don’t waste time wishing that things were different, instead think of all those things you wanted to do in the home but didn’t have the time to do. Act as if this is your choice and you’re going to make the most of it. Think of the things you have to be grateful for starting with health and the roof over your head. Start to think/say grateful statements out loud even if you don’t feel it inside as the more you say it the more you will connect with the feelings 

2) communication – connect with your feelings, verbalise and recognise them to yourself first and foremost and if you’re living with others encourage open dialogue of feelings in a safe and non judgemental space. Reach out to your neighbours with letters and check on the more vulnerable people around you. If you’re struggling or need help with groceries etc ask there are total strangers who are willing to help! 

3) Connect – there are lots of people and services giving away free online classes to help people at this time from online exercise to someone to talk to take advantage – why not offer something yourself share your talents with the world. This virus acts like a permission to connect as we’re all at home and ready to talk and hear from people – no one is too busy and it’ll be a welcome distraction hearing from someone outside of their house! 

Laura Alfred

Laura Alfred

Mindset coach