Are you on red alert?

The colour red is worthy of respect, says a new book on physical intelligence, and being mindful of its influence will help you to work with its effects


Are you on red alert?

Heading out on a date? Try dusting off that red dress.

According to research flagged up by Thalma Lobel in her book Sensation: The New Science Of Physical Intelligence (Icon Books, £12.99), red has a strong but unconscious effect, making us more sexually attractive. A red shirt or hat will make us stand out in a crowd, but even a less conspicuous red item – such as a scarf, ribbon or lipstick – will have the same effect.

'Red is so intense that we feel its power intuitively,' writes Lobel. 'You notice the reddest of red lipsticks even at the most crowded party.'

Just don’t wear it to an exam or presentation, she adds, as the association red has with danger means it can also have a negative impact on performance.

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