Zero waste coffee capsules

Creative coffee on a budget for a zero waste lifestyle: the Capsulier ticks all the eco boxes...


Zero waste coffee capsules

Love your morning cup of Joe but feeling guilt around all the recycling it creates? Well, if you’re on a journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle, why not try a reuasble capsule machine? These clever devices use stainless steel and reusable coffee pods which fit your Nespresso machine, recuding waste, recycling and landfill. Plus, it saves money, working out at around 8p per capsule, resulting in saving 7x the cost of Nespresso capsules across a lifetime.

And the best bit? You can get creative and create your own blands of coffee – even adding little extras like spices and flavourings into each individua pod! 

The Capsulier Lite costs £100 from Amazon