What is love?

Is it lust or love? The answer could be all in the eyes… Lauren Scane explains


What is love?

Making the distinction between love and lust can be hard to differentiate. It’s usually referred to as being in the kiss, however new studies by the University of Chicago reveal it could all lie in the eyes.

Whether you are unsure of your partner or date's feelings, or find yourself uncertain of your own, the answer could be a simple as where we focus our eyes. The study shows that that there are significant differences in the eye patterns of someone in lust and someone in love.

Someone in lust has the tendency to focus his or her gaze on their partner’s body, signalling sexual desire. This often results in less eye contact being made, as the focus is mostly everywhere but the face.

Someone in love, on the other hand, will most likely direct their attention to their partner's face, displaying the opposite of a person in lust’s eye patterns. Want to use this tool for yourself? Try it. These gaze patterns can be distinguished in as little as half a second of meeting someone. 

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