The scent of love

Unleash the power of fragrance on Valentine’s Day


The scent of love

As the week draws to a close our thoughts turn to love and how we can look and feel our best for the special people in our lives.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic night out or having a cosy night in with friends, fragrance is a simple way to help set the mood and can also evoke memories of years gone by.

Satisfying our romantic and floral fix this year is Rhodanthe by Electimuss, £130. Created with Bulgarian rose, Rhodanthe delivers such a magnificent scent in one elegant flourish that a bouquet of fresh flowers could look pale in comparison.  

The story behind the scent also has a romantic quality, too. The Romans believed that the rose was created by the goddess Diana, who turned a beautiful nymph named Rhodanthe into a rose so that she could escape amorous suitors, which she then turned into thorns.

With the help of other notes such as Ssicy geranium, sandalwood and violets, Rhodanthe will compel you think of the rose in a whole new light. 

Our advice on how you should wear it? In the words of Coco Chanel ‘wherever you want to be kissed’.

Rhodanthe by Electimuss, £130/50ml, available from