The Hemsleys: how to be green at home

Eco and ethical rule the roost, at home with the Hemsleys


The Hemsleys: how to be green at home

One: Eco-nomy

‘I use eco balls for washing laundry, which are really good, or a dash of Dr Bronner, £5.99. It’s better for the environment and our skin! I find the smell of commercial washing powders off-putting – a reminder that you are breathing in artificial scents from chemicals, creating the idea that your clothes are fresh and clean. It’s great to see more and more eco household brands in the supermarket, and prices becoming more affordable (try the new Waitrose ECOlogical, from £1.31 for Washing Up Liquid, 500ml). Our mother’s tip is to dilute all of your household liquids with water to make them go further!’ Jasmine

Two: Spot clean

‘You’ll always find apple cider vinegar in my house. I use it in dressings and pesto and I take a small sip before a meal, which helps digestion. I also use diluted apple cider vinegar if I get a spot on my face (dab it on with cotton wool) as it helps clear it, without drying the skin.’ Melissa

Three: White magic

‘I’ve just started using Mangle & Wringer cleaning products. They have a lovely pot of natural biodegradable cream – the Kitchen Cleanser, £5.80 – which is great on every surface. White vinegar is also really good for wiping down surfaces and to use as a disinfectant. It’s ideal for sparkling windows, too, and the smell totally evaporates. And, to freshen and purify the air naturally, I love 1001 Remedies PurAir, £24.’ Jasmine

Four: Top shelf

‘At home, we store all of our food in stainless steel or glass containers. Having your regular items, like nuts, seeds, spices and flours, in clear glass is brilliant, because seeing them reminds you to use them and get creative – and you can also see when things need to be restocked. We eat with our eyes first of all so, when you make something delicious for yourself, like a toasted homemade granola, or some spicy roasted chickpeas, it’s lovely to have it in a glass jar on the shelf, looking beautiful… It makes you feel happy to know you made it, too!’ Melissa  

Five: Home and away

‘Our insulated stainless steel Klean Kanteen, £29.99, is our every single day staple. It’s so quick to wash and keeps the food we make at home warm all day – great now that the weather is getting cooler.’ Jasmine

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Photograph: Nicholas Hopper

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