Show appreciation to improve your love life

Try this small and simple way to strengthen your connection with your partner


Show appreciation to improve your love life

As a culture, we’re obsessed with grand romantic gestures: think of the surprise trip to Paris, or the expensive new bag.

But love doesn’t work mathematically: you won’t put 10 times the spark into a dull relationship with a gift that’s 10 times bigger. In fact, small signs of appreciation are far better predictors of a successful marriage.

Researcher Angela Hicks found that couples who took a moment to discuss the high points of each other’s days reported more happiness and feelings of intimacy.

Physical touch and eye contact – however brief – work wonders, too. Resolve to take a moment, daily, to connect with your partner and talk about the best parts of the day: it will not only be cheaper than a Parisian city-break, but more effective, too.

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