Relationship review: What’s in the memory bank?

Psychologies columnist and coach Sarah Abell invites you to discover the latest questions to ask yourselves as a couple, to ensure a flourishing relationship in 2015


Relationship review: What's in the memory bank?

Nicky and Sila Lee, creators of The Marriage Course have consistently found one of the most important things couples can do to invest in their relationship is to spend quality time together.

They say: ‘Regular time together helps you keep connected at an emotional level. It is also an opportunity to have fun and build shared memories, which, in turn, help to create resilience. Resilience helps you to weather storms if, and when, you face difficult times as a couple.’

What memories did you create as a couple this year? What were your best, most enjoyable moments? What would you like to plan to do together in 2015?

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